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Travel attractions and rent a car providers in Portugal today: Translated as the Paiva Walkways, this award-winning facility ticks all the green boxes. Located outside the town of Arouca, a 70-kilometer drive north of Aveiro in central Portugal, the Paiva Walkways provide a challenging but highly rewarding eight-kilometer hike over an elevated boardwalk that dips, climbs, and meanders through the Arouca Geopark – an unspoiled landscape of outstanding beauty, and a biodiversity hot spot. The walk commences at Areinho and partway follows the pristine River Paiva downstream. Very soon, you’re hiking through a rugged, seldom-seen environment of peaceful, verdant woodland and deep, yawning gorges. Along the way, you pass tumbling waterfalls and serene, mirror-like pools. Quite often the trek involves negotiating long flights of zigzagging steps over steep inclines: the route really does test stamina and physical fitness. The walk takes around 2.5 hours to complete, ending in Espiunca. Remember to pack sunscreen, energy snacks, and plenty of water. If you are searching for a vehicle to travel between Portugal’s holiday destinations you can see additional information at car rental in Ponta Delgada Portugal

The city of Alcobaca is known for its important Portuguese landmark, the Abbey of Santa Maria de Alcobaca, founded in the 12th century. Today it is not just an important historical monument, but also the largest church in Portugal. The abbey building is made up of 5 cloisters, a library, 7 bedrooms and an impressive sized kitchen. The finishing of the facade of the temple is a mix of several styles, for the reason that the building was completed in different eras. The Gothic door and the main circular window of the monastery, for example, are parts of the original church, while the flanking bell towers and the Baroque statues of saints were not added until the 17th and 18th centuries. As a whole, the monastery is a monumental architectural structure, 220 meters long, consisting of 3 parts – the Church itself, as well as the North and South wings.

Top vacation destinations and rent a car services in Portugal: The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest, continuous universities in Europe, having been established in 1290. It also is one of the largest universities in Portugal, with approximately 20,000 students. There are many sections of interest within the university complex. Built in the early 18th century at the instigation of King Joao V, the library Biblioteca Joanina is a fine example of Baroque architecture. The Sala dos Capelos, the original throne room, is where the doctorates are awarded.

Bom Jesus do Monte, Portugal’s grandest religious sanctuary, is located on a wooded slope six kilometers east of Braga and is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country. Comprising a monumental Baroque Escadaria (stairway) and the church of Bom Jesus, this spectacular complex also features several chapels adorned with sculptured scenes from the Passion of Christ; fountains positioned at various points on the long ascent; and statues of biblical, mythological, and symbolic figures. Climbing the lower section of the 116-meter-long ornamental granite staircase is to slowly zig-zag past a steep Sacred Way, with chapels showing the 14 Stations of the Cross. Midway, the white, interleaved Escadório dos Cinco Sentidos depicts the five senses by way of finely carved statuary. The final section is the Staircase of the Three Virtues, representing Faith, Hope, and Charity, that leads to the church. Your efforts will be rewarded with an inspiring panorama of the surrounding countryside. For the less active, a vintage 1882 funicular whisks visitors to the top in just three minutes.

Excellent travel attractions and rent a car providers in Portugal: It is in Portugal where you can feel as far away from home as ever – at the very edge of the world, because the country is located at the westernmost cape of Europe, and further there is only the ocean, beyond which there are uncharted lands. No matter where you choose to spend your vacation or weekend in Portugal, traveling around the country is incredibly interesting. You will be accompanied by guides in Portugal who not only have an impeccable knowledge of history and traditions, but also a sincere desire to show tourists the beauty of their homeland. A true favorite among the medieval castles of Portugal can be considered the castle of Obidos, located on a hill, which offers a wonderful view of the surroundings of the city of the same name: vineyards, windmills, bright terracotta roofs of the surrounding houses.

Visiting Portugal is to discover a remarkably diverse destination. Inextricably linked with the sea, the country has more than 800 kilometers of enticing Atlantic Ocean coastline. Lisbon, the capital city, enjoys a stunning location near the mouth of the River Tagus. From here, trailblazing mariners set sail in the 15th and 16th centuries on epic voyages of discovery, and Portugal has nurtured a proud seafaring tradition ever since. Portugal’s interior melds dramatic northern mountain ranges with the vast rolling plains of the country’s sun-baked central regions. In the south, some of the best beaches in Europe flank picturesque coves and warm, shallow waters. Dotted throughout are stone-built villages, enchanting towns, and cosmopolitan cities where historic palaces and castles, museums, and monasteries are waiting to be explored. And traveling to Portugal can also mean a visit to the verdant, subtropical island of Madeira – the “Garden Isle” – or the isolated, but tranquil Azores archipelago. For more ideas on the best places to visit, see our list of the top tourist attractions in Portugal. Find more info on