Top new travel books : True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants

Fresh published travel books : True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants: Memoirs and Memories From the Golden Age of Flying: Fans of Ann Hood’s Fly Girl and Julie Cook’s Come Fly The World: The Jet-Age Story of the Women of Pan Am, will enjoy True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants. Kompare and Johnson’s book offers an insider’s view of the airline industry during its heyday in the latter half of the twentieth century. Through their diary-style stories, readers get a glimpse of what it was like to work as a flight attendant during this time period.

Are you one of those people who get antsy on long flights? Staring out the window at the endless blue sky or the endless sea can be pretty boring. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time, check out True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants: Memoirs and Memories From the Golden Age of Flying (Telemachus Press, Oct 2022) a new book by former flight attendants Kathy Kompare and Stephanie Johnson.

For anyone who’s ever daydreamed about what it would be like to fly first class, the golden age of air travel evokes a sense of nostalgia. In an era before TSA screenings and water bottle restrictions, flying was a luxurious experience. First-class passengers were treated to spacious seats, delicious meals, and attentive service. Even coach class was a step above today’s standards, with wider seats and more legroom. Memoirs of the golden age of air travel offer a glimpse into this bygone era, when flying was an elite experience reserved for the wealthy and famous. Today, flying has become a necessary part of life for many people, but it’s easy to see why the golden age of aviation holds such a special place in our hearts.

They have so many great stories in this book from a woman who suffered from diabetic coma and yet a fellow passenger insisted the hostess climb over her to get his hanging clothes needless to say that didn’t happen the story span from the first flights to the last and although they’re not all funny they’re all very interesting. Especially the people who wanted a kosher breakfast and all she did was wipe off the bacon juice and they said that was the best song with the rapper head. I found these stories highly entertaining and if you like being a fly on the wall tried being one on the TWA flight with the stewardesses or flight attendants.

True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants will be available Oct 24, 2022 at bookstores everywhere, and would make an excellent gift for flight attendants (current and former), travelers, and those who are interested in the golden age of air travel.

Meet the Authors

From her first step onto the 747 taking her to Rome, Kathy Kompare knew she had made the right decision to join TWA. For 20 years of travel around the globe learning customs, languages, and the ins and outs of smooth travel, she relished her unusual career, taking full advantage of what each city or country could offer. Never a 9-5 person, and still not today, traveling for Trans World Airlines was a dream she is forever grateful for. True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants is her first book.

Stephanie Johnson flew for TWA for 23 years during the golden age of flying. She explored the world as a local, uncovering all the secrets of great shopping, wonderful places to dine, the sites to see and those fascinating little corners of the world. From London and Rome, to Munich and Madrid, and points east and west, she knew them better than the cities she lived in. She thanks TWA for the ride of a lifetime. True Tales of TWA Flight Attendants is her first book.