What can you see in Bulgaria and optimal travel itineraries

Bulgaria attractions and the best itineraries? Nessebar has been charming visitors for the past 9,000 years and it keeps on enchanting people to this day. Set on a craggy peninsula that is connected to the mainland by a causeway, the charming old Nessebar town is an open-air museum packed full of pretty squares, churches and cobbled streets. The town’s history and monuments span the Roman and Byzantine eras, and remains of the old town walls can still be seen. This fascinating town is packed full of character: take a look in the traditional timber houses built on sturdy rock foundations, sit and watch the windmill on the bridge between the old and new towns, and step silently in the stunning churches and chapels.

Top Bulgaria Itinerary? A showcase in all things Bulgarian National Revival, Zheravna is a rustic and raw picture of one of the country’s most iconic architectural styles of old. The town itself sits nestled at the base of the mighty Balkan Mountains, between dense thickets of Bosnian pines and white elms, where it seems almost organically formed in its timber-clad, stony appearance. The cottages that pepper the cobbled streets all come beautifully restored, with more than 150 examples of the typical hardwood facades on display. Amidst the buildings, sites like the Yordan Yovkov House and the icon-packed St Nicholas Church draw the biggest crowds, while others will head for the August Dobromiritsa Rural Park nearby, where festivals celebrating Bulgarian folk costumes and music erupt throughout the year.

Perhaps the most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in the world, Rila has risen and risen to become a veritable symbol of the Bulgarian nation. It entered the UNESCO World Heritage List way back in 1983, hailed for its curious intermingling of Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque styles, and resplendent iconostases walls, carved meticulously and inlaid with shimmering gold leaf. An on-site museums helps travelers unravel the more than 1,000 years of history that coalesce at the site, while endless courtyards and peristyles decorated in murals and medieval scenes mean there’s plenty of art and architecture to draw the eye. Find extra details on Bulgaria Itinerary.

Perfectly-preserved Koprivshtitsa pops up from between the spruces and pines that cover the valleys of the Sredna Gora Mountains like a beautifully adorned gingerbread carving of a town. In fact, the whole settlement is a protected national monument, supposed to reflect and define the achievements of the Bulgarian National Revival movement in its wealth of painted facades, realist stone sculptures and shuttered homes. Visitors who head to the spot today can spy out honorific memorial exhibitions dedicated to heroes of the April Uprising of 1876, while other institutions chronicle the life and works of iconic revivalist writers and artists alike.

Varna is one of the major tourist destinations in Bulgaria. It is easy to see why — it is a beautiful city that has wonderful beaches, excellent restaurants, and lovely green spaces. Varna is often referred to as the sea capital of Bulgaria, as many Bulgarians flock to the city in the warmer months. There are many picturesque beaches with fine golden sand and crystal clear water in Varna. There are also a couple of good surf breaks available if you prefer to surf or bodyboard. Rapongi Beach is perhaps the best beach in Varna, as it is well maintained and doesn’t get too crowded. You can also travel north to the resort of Sunny Day or to Siruius Beach, which are both stunning locations that are popular with tourists. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the city, including many excellent clubs, restaurants, and bars along Kraybrezhna Aleya. You will find this part of the city quite charming and beautiful at night. Discover even more info on https://yourtravelitinerary.com/.