High quality retro cork traction pads for the best surfing experience

Searching for the best quality retro cork traction pads for an awesome surfing experience? We will see a few cork traction pads with the focus on what we think are the best ones, the Shaka Surf pads and fins.

Where to surf? With almost 500 surf spots to choose from along the Californian coast, surfers can take their pick. You can also choose a quiet beach or party beach, all offering breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Hardcore surfers set off for northern Californian spots like Del Norte and Southern California – with the world-famous L.A. beach scene – offers more fun than consistently good waves. SoCal rocks but if you’re there just for the waves go north young man. Some of the top picks in California are Old Man’s, San Onofre State Beach; Surfrider Beach, Malibu, San Francisco; Fort Point; South Beach and Ocean Beach.

A surfboard traction pad, also known as a tail pad because it’s placed at the back-end or tail of a surfboard, helps you prevent your back foot from sliding, causing you to fall off your surfboard and into the water. A popular alternative for a surfboard traction pad is surf wax. But if you want something that is easier to use and requires less effort, a traction pad is highly recommended. The tail pad was introduced in the market in the 1980s by a brand named Astrodeck. Herbie Fletcher successfully convinced people to try this product since surf wax in the 1970s was the only trusted tool to avoid slipping from a surfboard. But when the surfboard traction pads were introduced, they elevated one’s surfing experience to another level.

Our cork traction pads pick: 100% Cork Agglomerate offering superior traction for critical high performance surfing. We’re in love these sustainable traction pads: natural, renewable and recyclable they get the Shaka Surf stamp of approval. This retro cork pad comes in three pieces and so placement can be adjusted easily. Size: 30 x 30.5cm Material: Cork agglomerate. See extra details at Cork Traction Pads.

These versatile side fins can fit any surfboard, shortboard, funboard, and longboard that use FCS style fins. It’s another good low budget option at $15. The BPS side fins give you power, drive, control, and stability. A great combination of traits to have for a good surf session. The side fins come with a BPS combined wax comb, hex key, and bottle opener. Cons: These fins are thinner than FCS fins. They’re also very sharp on the edges, so be sure to sand them.

A perfect eco friendly surf fin is the one from Shaka Surf. We started Shaka Surf because we wanted to “be the change” rather than passively watch our oceans and beaches get progressively worse with rubbish. As surfers, we have a responsibility to be better custodians of the ocean, after all it gives us so much enjoyment. We came up with the idea of creating eco surf fins from recycled waste materials and plastics after coming in from a surf and seeing so much waste on the beach. We made a pledge to put this rubbish to good use. Discover additional info on Sustainable Surf.