Majorca attractions

Mallorca is a fabulous Mediterranean island, close to Spain, with awesome weather, stunning scenery and yummy cuisine. The biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is part of Spain but has a extra mountain landscape and high life quality. Top places to see in Mallorca, the topic of today.

Along a stunning coastline of serene turquoise waters, the Cala Figuera is a charming fishing village with a laid-back vibe. The town’s white-washed houses are clustered around a hillside that reaches the waterfront. Here, many local fishermen take care of their daily task of mending nets. At the earliest hours of the morning, the fresh catches of the day arrive at the docks, ready to be sold at the market and then prepared into delicious seafood dishes. As expected of a seaside town, Cala Figuera offers a great selection of seafood restaurants that serve fresh local fish. Along the harbor, a scenic walking path follows the water’s edge and then leads up into the cliffs. Rewarding views of the bay make the journey worthwhile. For beach lovers, the popular destination is four kilometers south of Cala Figuera at Cala Santanyi. Well secluded, this pristine sandy beach is prized for its calm, crystal-clear waters. Many visitors enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving here.

One of the island’s glamour spots, it’s the place to see and be seen and, during the summer, you’re more than likely to catch a glimpse of a few famous faces. Paris Hilton, Jim Carrey, Jenson Button and Bill Gates are among the famous people who have been seen in Puerto Portals. The marina has more than 650 berths and is where members of the jet-set like to moor their gleaming boats. And it’s easy to see why. There’s a wealth of designer boutiques, impressive offices housing prime real estate and yacht agents, and numerous places to enjoy a drink or something to eat, while watching the world go by. Puerto Portals really comes to life at night and is a popular watering hole – and not just for boat owners. Ritzi is the most popular late-night spot at the prestigious harbour. Puerto Pollensa is both port and resort – and particularly popular with the British. It has good facilities, long sandy beaches with palm trees, and is an ideal family holiday spot. Although it’s not a year-round resort, there is still some life in the town during the winter for those who live there. The resort still retains some of the character that has brought visitors here time and time again over many years.

If there’s one thing we definitely recommend doing when visiting Mallorca, it is renting a car. (A real car, not a plastic beach car, although you could do that too). There is so much more to explore on this island than the beach in front of your resort! Although there is a bus system that works perfectly fine, it doesn’t allow as much flexibility and car rentals are cheap, so why not? If there’s one drive you do, make it this one! It was sensational and by far one of our favourite things to do in Mallorca. Coming from the girl who gets terribly car sick and pregnant, these hairpin turns didn’t stop me from ooing and ahhing at the amazing scenery that was around every (sharp) corner. Roaming animals, sea views, mountain plains, cliff faces and glistening lakes were just a few things we encountered along the way. Set off early in the day and allow at least an hour to reach the bottom as you’ll be stopping more than once, that we can assure you!

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