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Workforce feedback on travel firms were they are employed is a very good indicator about the quality of the product you will receive. Happy employees make clients happy and viceversa. It’s a good idea to check a company employee reviews if you want to see the level of satisfaction in that company, that usually translates in the quality of the product you will receive.

First Priority Travel offers travel packages to businesses who give them away to customers as an incentive. First Priority Travel, located in Port Orange, FL., has been in business for 17 years and has less than 10 employees. FPT claims to have the best customer service in the industry, so they are likely looking for people that are skilled in the customer service department.

When asked about some of the best reasons to work for a travel company, most employees cited perks and benefits. Conversely, when asked about the downsides of working in the industry, employees said working holidays, tough competition and sometimes the political working environment. “The travel industry can be a very exciting and often glamorous industry to work in and there are various ways to work in this industry – from a server on a cruise ship to a software engineer for an online travel agency,” Zupan says. When considering any job or company, job seekers should find out as much information as possible on what it’s really like to work there and determine for themselves if the job and company is the right fit for them.

Google’s hotel search engine works by simply entering “hotels in (insert city here)” right on This feature is integrated into Google Maps, which makes it very different from any of the other hotel booking sites listed above. On Google, hotel locations are marked by prices on a map, rather than by name or any other identifying characteristic. From there, Google’s hotel search tool is fairly price-forward, which is what metasearch should be. Clicking on a price displays the hotel’s name, features, and booking options. Overall, it’s no surprise that Google offers a powerful, no-frills hotel search engine for travelers who don’t want all the hard-sell aspects of cheap hotel sites and more commercial hotel search engines. (And yes, Google did surface that low-with-coupon hotel deal from Agoda.)

Omega World Travel has been around for more than 45 years and continues to thrive as one of the world’s largest travel management companies. Omega is recognized as one of the top woman-owned businesses in the US and President and CEO, Gloria Bohan, has won numerous accolades for her leadership. Omega offers a competitive salary and benefits package along with the opportunity for outstanding career and growth, flexible schedules and employee incentive and rewards. has given me an opportunity I couldn’t have found anywhere else. They’ve given me the chance to grow in a field I love and meet people that have become so much more than my co-workers. Since starting I have become more self-assured and learned more not only about the field, but about myself and my own abilities. On : It’s a smaller company, so you really get a chance to know your coworkers well. It felt like a family. If you work hard, they notice it and try to help you grow. Everyone is really kind and will genuinely help you when you struggle. It’s an amazing place to work for! Open office, strong department collaboration, leadership who is willing to listen to your ideas on how to improve profits and reduce expenses. Monthly company sponsored group activities. See more info on