Top destinations in Vancouver, Canada

Most visited Vancouver locations : Vancouver’s first tourist attraction opened in 1889 and has been thrilling visitors with its swaying bridge over a plummeting canyon ever since. The footbridge spans a 70-meter deep river canyon leading to an activity park filled with forest trails and a treetop walk through old-growth giants. There’s also a collection of totem poles and a transparent suspended platform known as the Cliffwalk.

Also along Capilano Road, Capilano Salmon Hatchery is worth a visit (in fall especially) to spot flashing salmon as they try to swim upstream. The fish ladder, a series of staggered pools, allows fish to bypass Cleveland Dam. Underwater windows give visitors a look at their efforts.

One of the biggest urban parks in North America, Stanley Park is nearly entirely surrounded by water. There’s plenty to see in and around the park, like its beaches, lagoon and lake, with stunning views from every angle, and its seawall, where you can exercise. Stanley Park is also the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path, at 28 kilometres (17 miles). Called the “ultimate flying ride”, FlyOver Canada takes visitors on a journey across the country through state-of-the-art technology; i.e., suspending them by their feet and dangling them over a spherical screen! The special effects and motions make this an unforgettable Vancouver experience. For transportation please check : Affordable Vancouver Limousine Service

Vancouver Aquarium

What is it: This aquarium in Stanley Park focuses on sustainability and conservation. The staff rescues marine animals and aims to educate the public in everything they do. The Vancouver Aquarium originated the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood and ocean protection initiative.

Why go: Giggle at the antics of the otters and penguins, zen out watching the jellyfish and gain greater appreciation of the importance of protecting the world’s oceans.

Gastown is Vancouver’s Old Town. The city’s original city center was named for a Yorkshire seaman, “Gassy” Jack Deighton, but became Vancouver in 1886. It was destroyed by fire that same year, and was quickly rebuilt, but deteriorated in later years. Gastown was reborn in the 1960s. Today, Gastown is Vancouver’s center for art, food, fashion and entertainment. As a national historic area, Gastown’s old buildings are filled with trendy shops and boutiques, innovative restaurants, traditional Native and cutting edge art, and a lively entertainment scene.

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