Book a Safari in Wilpattu Sri Lanka

Wilpattu National Park (Willu-pattu, Land of Lakes)

Apart from other national parks in Sri Lanka Wilpattu national park has a distinctive geographical feature called “Willus” (Natural lakes), sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater overtime. Wilpattu national park in Sri Lanka has the most leopard density when compared to other national parks, also the Wilpattu national park is among the top national parks in the world for its leopard, 75% of the Wilpattu national park is covered with thick jungle, Wilpattu harbor extremely high biodiversity, including 31 species of mammals, sloth bear (Melursus Ursinus inornatus), water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), elephant (Elephas Maximus Maximus), Sambhur (Rusa unicolor unicolor), Spotted deer (Axis axis ceylonensis), Mongoose, and shrew are most known..


Animal you can see in Wilpattu National Park Safari


Leopard, Elephant, Sloth Bear, Sri Lanka Giant Squirrel, Toque Monkey, Wild Pig, Eurasian Otter, Pygmy Pipistrel, Long-armed Seth tailed Bat, Asian Wild Buffalo, Tufted Grey Langur, Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, Golden Jackal, Common Palm Civet & Golden Palm Civet, Ruddy Mongoose, Rusty-spotted Cat, Jungle Cat, Pygmy Pipistrel, Sambar deer and Red Muntjac

The monitor lizard, pond turtle, mugger crocodile, common cobra, rat snake, Python molurus, Melanonchelys trijuga and soft shelled turtle

The open bill, little cormorant,The painted stork, large white egret, cattle egret, Sri Lankan junglefowl, owls, gulls, kites buzzards, terns, eagles, garganey, pintail, whistling teal, spoonbill, purple heron and black-headed ibis.


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